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Grandparents’ day:

The purpose of this day, is to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of the strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.


Grandparents Day events take place throughout the world. Here’s a description of what we do at Doodle Academy:

Songs, dances, drama, poetry, games,and meditation sessions accompanied by refreshments ensures an exciting and wholesome rendezvous for the elderly at the Grandparents Day celebrations. Witness to several heartwarming scenes where students of classes proudly walked hand-in-hand with their grandparents, the much talked-about generation gap.

Whether in India, England, Canada, or America or at Doodle Academy the common foundation for a Grandparents Day event is making those very human connections across generations – and having fun!

Family Fun Day

The Doodle Academy Family Fun Day usually takes place in June and we need your help to make it a great success. The aim of the Fun Day is to raise extra funds for little things in school that make it even more special.


The Fun Day is planned, organized and run by a group of parents with children at the school, who are all juggling their daily life to fit in the little extra time for our children to give them the best out of school.

It’s never too early to get involved with the planning and we’d be interested on how you would like the Fun Day to take shape.  The Fun Day Team would like to invite all parents, guardians, carers, family and friends to help plan this fun event, bringing your fresh new ideas and support to the Fun Day.  Your input, however big or small is much appreciated, so why not get in touch.


We’re are not asking for a big commitment, you can be involved as much or as little as you like and you don’t need to attend the meetings. Please get in touch by emailing us at , leave a message with the school office, or get in contact via our Facebook page Doodle Academy@NdolaEducation.

Why not help out and see how uplifting it feels to do something good for our children and the community.

Arts Day

As a school, we place a high value on the arts. Children within our school are given access to a wide range of arts activities such as dance, drama, art, craft, digital art and creative writing, both within the curriculum and during extra-curricular activities. We are extremely proud of our arts provision and as a result are in the process of applying for the prestigious artsmark award.


Here, you can see images from our last Arts Day. This event included the whole school from Nursery through the Year 6.  Children moved around a carousel of arts activities in mixed age groups. We involve a range of arts professionals, who work with all the children. This event will be running again this academic year and will become an annual event.


Movie Night

Movie nights are held in the Canteen at the school; doors open at 5.30 pm and the movie starts at 6pm.There is an admission charge per person and for a family (please inquire the rate at our school office).Popcorn, snacks and drinks are available for sale.


Each child does not need to attend with their parent but must come with a supervising adult. One parent can supervise up to 4 children

We encourage a QUIET room for our movie nights….we ask you to refrain from talking during the movie and we ask that everyone remain seated during the show. If you child is not interested in the movie and wishes to chat with friends or move around, we ask that you leave the canteen to prevent other movie goers being distracted.

Thank you for your consideration and for allowing everyone to enjoy the evening!

Please note – we try to select movies that are appropriate and fun for all ages. If you are not familiar with the content of films being screened or are unsure of the suitability for your child, we recommend you check the online reviews prior to attending.



Drama and the performing arts serve to generate a rich array of reciprocal benefits for both students and our community. At Doodle Academy, Drama and Performing Arts have been part of the curriculum from the very start.


We have also enjoyed seeing the way in which studying the Arts have helped our students to improve their overall academic results.

All students at Doodle Academy can become involved in the performing arts – musical and dramatic. The opportunities are plentiful.

Our ultimate aim is to provide students with a well-rounded education, which means Drama and Performing Arts will be a strong focus for Doodle Academy well into the future.


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